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Don't show on home page

Buzzi 3 years ago updated by Josh 3 years ago 5


I'm aware how to select pages where the review slider should be shown. I actually want it to be shown on all pages/products except of the home page, as it slows down the performance/loading time. Is there any way to do this?



Under review

Are you talking about the Float option? There currently isn't a way to select all "except" this page. I will be adding that to the next update when I get back in town next week.

You could do it if you add some code to the page theme. I give you some instructions if you want to go this route.

Hey Josh, thanks for coming back. I can wait for the update. If I put a code in I will probably forget to take out later.

Thanks for that, much appreciated. Website performance is highly valued by Google, so I need to do everything to speed it up and banning the reviews from the home page is a good option. Visitors will anyway click at least a second page/product.



The update is out now. Give it a shot and let me know.

Hi Josh,

I have actually installed it on the day it has been launched, but it's not had an effect yet. Like the last time I probably need to deinstall and install it again. That worked the last time I made major changes.

However, thank you for considering my request. :)



You shouldn't need to uninstall. De-activate and reactivate the plugin might help. You'll need to go in and edit the float, then you can see the new option of select all pages except these.