Random order doesn't appear to work.

TGerber 3 months ago updated by Josh 2 months ago 5

I am using Site Ground hosting and WP-Rocket. Do I need to do something with one of those for it to work?


Under review

Check and make sure they are allowing MySQL Rand sort feature. I've seen where this is turned off before.

It appears to be Wp-rocket caching.  Is there a CSS/JS exception I need to add to wp rocket?  If I clear cache then I get a new set of reviews so it must  be something with caching.

That is how caching is supposed to work. It speeds up the site by showing the same content for however many hours you have the cache set for. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is another way to do it.

Thx.  I updated the cache settings so it now appears to be changing when cache auto clears.

Thanks for the help.