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Reviews.io scrape shows 'maintenanc 0%'

JonH 4 weeks ago updated by Josh 2 weeks ago 7

Currently trying to grab some Reviews,io reviews. It finds the number of reviews and the average score, but never completes and gives me the message  'maintenanc 0%'

Any ideas?

Under review

Can you send me the job id?





(I tried it several times)

and it always says: "still working...

number 6 in queue"

Always number 6.

The three earlier ones have now changed to 'failed

I have opened a trouble ticket with the scraping server support. Waiting on their response.

See if these are fixed now.

The past ones ran OK, but the latest (no 712254575) is now showing the same message

Check it now. Sometimes it can take a while then if it fails it will be re-ran automatically.