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Total review count wrong

Michael R 1 week ago updated by Josh 3 days ago 4

Having just created a template that filters the reviews to use only one of my locations from google reviews, the top of the template declares

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 32 customer reviews.

However 32 is the number of reviews I have in total across all 4 sites - and the average looks to be being calculated in the same way.

Under review

Can you post some screenshots of here of your settings?

So I have four sets of google reviews downloaded from our 4 locations - each of them are tagged with the post ID that is specific to that location within our website - and also tagged with the post ID for the index page for later use (though I discovered later on that of course this is unnecessary).

Across those 4 google places I've imported 32 reviews which appear in our review list.

The issue arises with the average / total header like so

Image 2110

4.2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews is the correct average for the single place / post ID that is being selected for this template. However in the review preview shown below, the preview is showing the average for all of the 32 reviews that we have across all four sites.

Change it to "downloaded and filtered" and the two match up

Image 2111

I guess the issue is that I'm expecting the filter to just select by pageID and then either do "all reviews from that source site" or "filtered reviews from the source site" - which is how the snippet in the banner settings is working.

However the text in the preview below (and indeed the text that is on the live website) either does "all reviews from across all four google places reviews" or "filtered reviews from one google place - as mapped to the page ID"

Can you post a screenshot of the Filter tab settings? I'm a little unclear on how you are filtering by post id.

Can you give the Beta version 12.1.5 a try? Just go to the Account page inside the plugin and check the "Join the Beta program" check box. Then the beta version should show up after a page refresh.