How to Filter Reviews based on Post ID or Page ID

If you have multiple locations and each location has it's own Page or Post on your WordPress site, then it can be helpful to use the same Review Template for all the pages, but only show reviews related to that particular location. Here are the steps to do that.

1) When you download your reviews, tag them with the Post/Page ID that you need them to show on the Front end of the site. For a Review Funnel, you can do that here...

Image 1493

You can find the Post/Page ID in the URL when editing a Post or Page...

Image 1494

2) When you create your Review Template look for the "Filter by Post" under the Filter Tab and set it to "Yes".

Image 1496

It's near the bottom of the page...

Image 1495

3) That's it. Now when you use this Review Template, it will look at the Post ID for the page it is currently on and then only show reviews that have the same Post ID tagged to them when they were downloaded.

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