Review Submission Form Shortcode Variables

The standard shortcode for the review form looks like the following. Of course, the tid value depends on the form ID.

[wprevpro_useform tid="2"]

To create tags based on URL you can use the wrtg variable in the URL.

For example if I have a form on this page...

That will save "tag1" as a tag with the form submission. You can also do multiple tags...,tag2

To create a special pop-up only link, use this shortcode:

[wprevpro_useform tid="2" wppl="yes"]

Then the form will only appear if the URL has the wppl=yes or review=1. For example:

This is useful for creating an auto-popup form that you only want to show certain people.

To make a form auto-popup by url variable, use this shortcode:

[wprevpro_useform tid="2" wppl="auto"]

The form will only auto-popup if the URL has the wppl=auto or review=2. For example:

The difference between wppl=auto and wppl=yes is that wppl=auto will leave the form button on the page.

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