Get Reviews > Review Funnel Supported Site URLs Tips

The Review Funnel function uses a third-party service. There are some special cases to note.

Etsy: should contain listing URL instead of shop URL. Example: 

BBB: should not have /customer-reviews at the end of URL.

Healthgrades: required single doctor/physician url, it can not use the group reviews page url. Example:

Airbnb: Currently only rooms are supported. To download reviews for experiences then you would need to use the Get Reviews > Airbnb.

Facebook: It is best to use the Get Reviews > Facebook method. If you have to use a Review Funnel then note that the scraping server it does not support sorting on the Facebook source page, so for the From Date setting it is best to use a date older than the oldest review you have.

Expedia: Currently only support hotel reviews for Activity url is not supported.

Amazon: only support the US and FR sites for amazon currenlty

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