Show form AFTER up/down vote

John-Pierre 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 0

You can configure review gating, to only show the external site links after a positive review value / thumbs up, and to show your own a form after a negative value / thumbs down. I would also like to show the form after a thumbs up, so customers can choose to leave a review on your own site or on an external platform.

If you configure the form to 'show rest of form when showing links', it always shows the form, even before the click thumbs up/down. See here: https://go.screenpal.com/watch/cZfXj0Vszp8

So initially I would like to only show the thumbs up/down option and then

- with thumbs down: show the form

- with thumbs up: show the form + external site links

Reason is that if you already show the form initially, and only add the site icons on a thumbs up, it makes it all too obvious that your are review gating.