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Connect a Google profile without reviews

John-Pierre 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 9


Is it not possible to connect a new Google Business Profile that doesn't have reviews yet? I am trying to connect a business profile with Google Crawl, but don't succeed.

If I the business by search by search term, I get "Error 104: Unable to find any reviews for this Place ID or Search Terms. Please contact support.", correct because there are no reviews yet.

If I search by Place ID, I get "Error 100: Unable to find business. Please try more specific search terms or use the Place ID. If you are using the Place ID then try search terms. Feel free to contact me for help if you still have trouble."

It's for
Villa La Douce Provence Vince

It would be nice if I could connect a new business profile, otherwise I gave to monitor when the first review is added before I can connect.


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Correct. The Google Crawl must find reviews to work that first time. The reason is that it checks to make sure people actually use the correct Place ID or search terms which is an issue. The Google Places API method and the Review Funnel method do not check and you should be able to set them up.

Thanks, that's a pitty. A bit strange though, that it can't find a place if there is no review. Or does it find it, and then errors out when it wants to display the current rating?

Anyway, I'll have to keep an eye on it then, because the api/funnel are less appealing.

Yeah, let me think about this some. It might be a relatively easy fix for the crawler.

Give it a try now.

💪🏻 awesome, it finds it by keyword now! Not yet by place id.

Yeah, it's tough to get a hotel by place id.

How is a search by place id different for different Google Business Categories? 

Basically Google redirects to another page when it sees a Place ID belonging to a Hotel where if it doesn't if they are search terms. I just made some changes though, so give it a try now.

Awesome, it now works with both search term and place id.

Thank you!