How to Download old TripAdvisor Reviews

There are now 2 ways to grab TripAdvisor reviews.

- Use Get Reviews > Review Funnel. You can set the date of the oldest review to get. This is the recommended way to download all your TripAdvisor reviews.


- Use Get Reviews > TripAdvisor. This option was never really setup to grab all TripAdvisor reviews. You can sort of trick it by adding additional page URls. However, sometimes it runs in to problems grabbing them. So, here are the steps I would take....

1) Enter your main TripAdvisor url, save settings, then download reviews.

2) Go to TripAdvisor, click on page 2 or your reviews, copy that URL.

3) In the plugin, replace the url with the one you just copied.

4) Click Save Settings again.

5) Now download the reviews from the second page.

I realize this isn't ideal, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment.



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