How to Upgrade License or Change License

There are two ways to upgrade a license.

If you have access to the User Dashboard follow these steps. If not then scroll down.

1) Log in to your user account at Freemius on this page...

2) After logging in, click on the Licenses link on the left, then the License you want to change in the middle. This will open a slide out window on the right. 

3) Click on the Upgrade to.... link beside the subscription amount. See screenshot...

Image 335

4) Change the drop down in the pop-up window at the top beside "Plan Selected:"

Image 176

5) You can then check-out like normal.

If you do NOT have access to the User Dashboard then follow these steps...

1) Go to

2) Click on one of the "Buy Now" buttons.

Image 1742

3) Use this link in the pop-up to enter your license key...

Image 1743

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