How to Use with WPML or Language Shortcode Parameter

Some users have requested the ability to show only one language depending on the language of the WPML plugin. You can now look under the Settings page of the plugin and add a language code to each review. Look for the Multi-language Detector.

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You can check the language code on the Review List. It will show here...

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 Then on the review template settings you can use the "Use Current WPML Language" setting...

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That will filter the reviews based on the current language of the site according to WPML.

If you aren't using WPML and still need to filter by shortcode then use this parameter...


It can be a single language code or a comma-separated list of language codes. This will allow you to use one review template to display different languages.


[wprevpro_usetemplate tid="30" langcode="it,en"]

Will only show reviews tagged en and it (English and Italian). You can use the Settings tab in the plugin to set the languages.

More about shortcode parameters here...


You can now create multiple versions of the same review in different languages using the Google Translate API...

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