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Facebook reviews importer broken

ASBPH 3 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 1

Clicking "Retrieve Reviews" under "Download Your Facebook Page Reviews" does not import the reviews.

In the dev console I see a 404 as follows:
https://fbapp.ljapps.com/ajaxgetpagerevs.php?callback=jQuery... (snipped for security)
Request Method:GET
Status Code:404 Not Found

This is on 11.0.8.


Can`t get Tripadvisor reviews

Iker 3 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 5

I get the following error when trying to download new reviews from Tripadvisor (the URL is correct).

Error 0003: : Error 103b: Unable to get page. Contact support and send the URL you are using.

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Custom layouts?

utilityguy 4 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 1

Is it possible to create more custom layouts for both the header and the review templates?

I would like to have a layout that resembles the layout in elfsight.com (https://elfsight.com/google-reviews-widget/)

I would like the title in the header to say "Google rating" and no horizontal line like elfsight.

I would also like to have the date i.e. "1 day ago" font to be different from the Name font.

I would like the stars to be below the name and icon and above the review.

I would like the full Google name to be listed at the bottom.

See header here:

Image 2072

See review tile here:

Image 2073


Only show current post totals in template header

ben golfrates 4 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 2

In a template header, how do I show only the review totals of the current post.
Currently it adds all the reviews downloaded together.
Only solution I can see is creating a seperate template for each post.


Pop Up form in header not working

NWatt 4 months ago updated by Josh 4 months ago 11

I am displaying reviews on a page and have the header set to show the use a review button, and a form created (called Popup Form), however the button doesn't seem to work! Not sure if I'm missing a setting in the form or the template to make the feature active... I have tested for plugin conflicts and found none.

Page url: https://thenebraskamasonichome.org/reviews

Image 2061


I am getting error 104 when trying to acces my place id from google maps?

Richard C 5 months ago updated by Josh 4 months ago 5

Image 2059


How to import google reviews for 2 seperate GMB profiles for the same business to represent both locations?

lindse8707 5 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 6

Hi, our business has 2 locations and 2 GMB profiles. How do we setup the reviews in order to pull in reviews from both locations?

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Number of "authentic reviews" is incorrect.

Andre 5 months ago updated by Josh 5 months ago 1


The number of "authentic reviews" is showing as 15 on the floating box, but there are actually 27 reviews in the downloaded reviews list.

Site: https://essentialenergysolutions.com.au

I've deactivated and reactivated the plugin, changed and saved settings on the floating box, but not updating to 27 authentic reviews.

Anything else I can try?

Many thanks,



'Source Pages' drop down menu not showing all Source pages set up in Review Funnels

AlexC 5 months ago updated by Josh 5 months ago 3

I have 20 different review funnels set up, but when I try to sort by Source Page, the drop down menu only has 6 available to chose from.


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Template displaying incorrectly

AlexC 6 months ago updated by Josh 5 months ago 7

I am trying to use the same template on multiple pages but referencing different reviews using the post IDs

The reviews are displaying on the first page I inserted the shortcode into, but subsequent pages seem to be displaying all default settings.

Are the templates not reusable and I need a different one for each page?

Thank you for your help.