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Hi, How do I create a Float that shows 20% discount (i.e. no stars etc)

Phil 6 months ago updated by Josh 6 months ago 2

Hi, I

I need a float thats designed for discount, and not review stars, is there one I can download from somewhere?


Google Funnel - shows the number of reviews but displays error "maintenance" when attempting to retrieve

J. Alex Lang 6 months ago updated by Josh 6 months ago 7

I am trying to download all of our Google reviews, and was able to make some progress getting the funnel set up.  I was able to find the right search terms using the help articles and video, and the Google funnel correctly shows 97 reviews (and I set the max at 100).  Each time I try to retrieve them, the error "maintenanc" 0% shows up.  Is there a new Google limitation, or something I'm missing?

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Trimming of long Reviews is not working

Andreas2401 7 months ago updated by Was 5 months ago 12

If I activate trimming of long Reviews it´s still showing the whole text - only the "read more" Button is added - no shortening of the Text.

Can u please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance


quote mark colour

Ottoman 7 months ago updated by Josh 7 months ago 2

Hi, this is a brilliant little plug in, the only thing i cant find is how do i edit the colour of the quote marks on each review?

they are displaying grey at present, i would like to change them to an alternative colour?

attached is the quote mark i mean

Image 2029

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After Update, issue with mobile display

Back Of The Bike 7 months ago updated by Josh 7 months ago 4

My mobile view is not working after the update. I had issues on the desktop version but I fixed that by changing inline height from normal to 110%. But I can't find where to even begin adjusting th view here so that it would actually display the review instead of just the title. I would love for this to be wider and display a complete review.

I checked padding and margin for this element and all seemed okay from wordpress, but could be wrong of course. The site is backofthebiketours.com


Badge small icons vertically on iPhone

Mikko 7 months ago updated by Josh 7 months ago 3

Small icons for Google, Facebook etc. on the badge are displayed vertically on my iPhone 12 Mini. I'm using badge style 2. On different browsers' inspect tool with mobile device view enabled the small icons are in line horizontally, and with responsive view I can shrink the view to be super narrow and still the icons remain horizontal, but on iPhone even having the phone in landscape mode shows the icons vertically. I couldn't find any CSS to fix this by myself.

Image 2026

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Steve Wotherspoon 7 months ago updated by Josh 7 months ago 1

Hello, I am getting an incorrect url from productreview.com.au when I scrap reviews.

How do I find the correct url to scrape?

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Can't go backwards when "load more" is on

Stuart 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 3

I have a slider with a single review per slide. It's set to load the first ten and then load more if it reaches the last slide. If I load the page and instead of clicking next I immediately click the arrow for the previous one it just minimizes the slider entirely and hides it. I'm guessing this is because it's looking for a review that hasn't been loaded yet. 

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Google reviews not scraping

Danielle D 7 months ago updated by Josh 7 months ago 1

I have used this plugin on several websites but for some reason, the Google reviews funnel is only pulling like 5 reviews out of 76.  I have the number set to pull 200 reviews and have done 3 scrape jobs now- same 5 reviews keep downloading. 


CSS Class Names for Google

uri 8 months ago updated by Josh 8 months ago 2


Is there documentation that lists the CSS selectors for the following elements:

Google Logo


Rating number

With the intention of editing Style 6....