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Total review count wrong

Michael R 1 week ago updated by Josh 3 days ago 4

Having just created a template that filters the reviews to use only one of my locations from google reviews, the top of the template declares

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 32 customer reviews.

However 32 is the number of reviews I have in total across all 4 sites - and the average looks to be being calculated in the same way.

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Connect a Google profile without reviews

John-Pierre 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 9


Is it not possible to connect a new Google Business Profile that doesn't have reviews yet? I am trying to connect a business profile with Google Crawl, but don't succeed.

If I the business by search by search term, I get "Error 104: Unable to find any reviews for this Place ID or Search Terms. Please contact support.", correct because there are no reviews yet.

If I search by Place ID, I get "Error 100: Unable to find business. Please try more specific search terms or use the Place ID. If you are using the Place ID then try search terms. Feel free to contact me for help if you still have trouble."

It's for
Villa La Douce Provence Vince

It would be nice if I could connect a new business profile, otherwise I gave to monitor when the first review is added before I can connect.


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Reviews.io scrape shows 'maintenanc 0%'

JonH 4 weeks ago updated by Josh 1 week ago 7

Currently trying to grab some Reviews,io reviews. It finds the number of reviews and the average score, but never completes and gives me the message  'maintenanc 0%'

Any ideas?


Reviews stacked on smaller tablets

JonH 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 3

Hi - I have set up a reviews slider that shows three reviews horizonatally. I have clicked 'One Review per Slide' for mobile devices. Both desktop and mobile work as expected. However both on real devices and on Google Chrome emulation, devices such as Ipad Air (and similar sizes) we get three reviews stacked vertically, which is not what we want. Depending on the break point, we want either 3 reviews, or one review. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks - Jon


Don't load Emoji form s.w.org becouse of GDPR

Serioscha 2 months ago updated by Josh 2 months ago 4

Hello, our data protection officer informed us that emojis are being loaded from an external source, specifically from https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/15.0.3/svg/..., which apparently is not allowed under the GDPR. Is it possible to disable these emojis? Or load the emojis local from the server?


Random order doesn't appear to work.

TGerber 3 months ago updated by Josh 2 months ago 5

I am using Site Ground hosting and WP-Rocket. Do I need to do something with one of those for it to work?


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Review form hidden under header and footer

D French 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 8

Trying to use with Divi theme builder universal footer and sticky header. Form pops under the header and footer when button is clicked,. Any idea why or how to fix? https://never2smallstaging.tempurl.host/

Image 2076


Easier and faster way to tag reviews

John-Pierre 3 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 1

I'd would like to see an easier and faster way to tag reviews. At the moment, you have to edit each review to add a tag. Bulk edit is a little faster, but then you first have to select all reviews that need to get the same tag(s).

I am currently also using another review system that has a much faster way, as it allows you to directly add tags from within the review list. Here is a video showing how that works: https://go.screenpal.com/watch/cZfI6qVs50U



Show form AFTER up/down vote

John-Pierre 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 0

You can configure review gating, to only show the external site links after a positive review value / thumbs up, and to show your own a form after a negative value / thumbs down. I would also like to show the form after a thumbs up, so customers can choose to leave a review on your own site or on an external platform.

If you configure the form to 'show rest of form when showing links', it always shows the form, even before the click thumbs up/down. See here: https://go.screenpal.com/watch/cZfXj0Vszp8

So initially I would like to only show the thumbs up/down option and then

- with thumbs down: show the form

- with thumbs up: show the form + external site links

Reason is that if you already show the form initially, and only add the site icons on a thumbs up, it makes it all too obvious that your are review gating. 



Schema Markup - LocalBusiness: Multiple locations

cesare marchetti1 3 months ago updated by Josh 3 months ago 2

Is it possible to add markup for a local business with multiple locations on Home? There is the local business markup but its only for one location