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Extra bracket showing

LChambers 3 years ago updated by Josh 3 years ago 3

There seems to be an extraneous bracket in the ::before area. How do I get rid of it?

Site is here

Image 1060

Under review

My Get Reviews Funnel Scrape Doesn't Get Recently Posted Google Reviews

specialmoments ar 3 years ago updated by Josh 3 years ago 1

I get the following error message when I spend 10 credits to scrape and find the 40th review posted on 1/22/21:

Error adding this scrape job. Please try again or contact us and copy and send us the following: {"job_id":"","scrapeurl":"","ack":"error","msg":"Error! Scraping server error. Please try again. Contact Support.","dbsiteinfo_id":"9598","scrapejoburl":"https:\/\/funnel.ljapps.com\/addprofile?sid=9598&frlicenseid=442326&frsiteurl=https%3A%2F%2Fspecialmomentsfundraising.com&scrapeurl=&scrapequery=Special+Moments+Fundraising+Arkansas+USA&scrapefromdate=&scrapeblocks=1000&diffparam=usediff&wpsiteurl=https%3A%2F%2Fspecialmomentsfundraising.com"}


Enable Bark.com to pull reviews.

Vinita 3 years ago 0

Please enable bark.com to pull the reviews.


Not sure how to setup scrolling

Rich Epstein 4 years ago updated by Josh 2 years ago 2

Not sure how to setup the ability for the viewer to scroll through reviews. Also the same review defaults on the page. Can I have that rotate?


Pictures not showing up on Facebook reviews

justin 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 1

I lost all the profile pictures on my Facebook reviews except the most recent review from Dec 28th. I applied the latest update for Review Slider Pro, but that didn't fix the problem. 



George Leon 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 3

On this new site I am working on the review text alignment is center instead of left.


Image 1031


How to export review list from old site with free version to site with Pro version

Mari 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 3

Hi again Josh - 

Now, please tell me how I can export a review list from our old site with free version to import into site with Pro version. 

I read where "There is currently no way to get old reviews. You will need to manually add them." 

Since my client is not getting fresh reviews, her industry being out of season, I want to pull the old data into a CSV file and upload the review onto the new site.

Is there a plugin that will export reviews from your free version? I've tried several and none has found the reviews.

Please advise, thanks.



How to Config Standard Height of Review Slider

Arzabar 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 3

Hi - I've set up my first template as a slider with 3 reviews in a row.

Is there a way to standardise the height of the review regardless of the number of words/characters in the reviews?

I have tried looking through other topics, I have also tried the "Allow reviews height to be changed?" setting, and I have also de-activated and re-activated the PRO plugin and have not had any success.

I'd prefer not to have to create a child theme if it is avoidable.

I'm keen to hear our thoughts.



Dynamic Content Size

rogueslerv21 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 3

Hey everyone, I was curious how you control for varying size reviews inside of a content area so that there is not extra space on the shorter reviews? It would be sweet if someone has made this kind of box dynamic to size to the review or have other ideas?

Image 1013


change font

Ashley 4 years ago updated by Josh 4 years ago 2

How do I change the font? It's big and bulky. I was hoping for something like in the previews on the website.