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Can you give the Beta version 12.1.5 a try? Just go to the Account page inside the plugin and check the "Join the Beta program" check box. Then the beta version should show up after a page refresh.

Can you post a screenshot of the Filter tab settings? I'm a little unclear on how you are filtering by post id.

Can you post some screenshots of here of your settings?

Check it now. Sometimes it can take a while then if it fails it will be re-ran automatically.

Basically Google redirects to another page when it sees a Place ID belonging to a Hotel where if it doesn't if they are search terms. I just made some changes though, so give it a try now.

Yeah, it's tough to get a hotel by place id.

Yeah, let me think about this some. It might be a relatively easy fix for the crawler.

Correct. The Google Crawl must find reviews to work that first time. The reason is that it checks to make sure people actually use the correct Place ID or search terms which is an issue. The Google Places API method and the Review Funnel method do not check and you should be able to set them up.